Born in the French Alps and now based between Paris & Amsterdam, I have been working in Fashion, Communications and Advertising for 15 years, always with the same aim: helping brands to be and stay relevant. 

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In other people’s words:

︎Collaborating with Nastassja is the promise of feeling inspired in ways you would not have expected. Nastassja has a deep, intuitive and intrinsic understanding of brands. We worked together on different projects spanning from brand positioning to more tactical briefs, and she always delivered highly valuable, insightful and inspiring work. Her expertise in communications, trends and cultural insights is a great asset for any brand that wants to connect with its audience in meaningful ways. Furthermore it’s an absolute pleasure working with Nastassja. 

Mijram Schuele,  Senior Vice President Marketing, 

I had the joy and pleasure of working with Nastassja in 2020, focusing on projects for Tommy Hilfiger. Nastassja, with her brilliance and insights on culture and trends, helped spearhead our creative strategy and ignite one of our most successful 360 degree marketing and advertising campaigns. Nastassja had a clear and correct point of view on how to reach our current consumer with relevant talent, and how to craft a narrative infused with purpose, that lives within the zeitgeist. I look forward to working on more projects with Nastassja - and highly recommend her and her talents!

︎Jaye Riedinger,  Creative Director,  Tommy Hilfiger

︎Nastassja is the lady with the finger on the cultural puls of the world. Very much like a fairy, she will sprinkle magic dust onto any project you put her on to add that all important unique sparkle. I had the pleasure of working as her Creative Director at 72andSunny and fell in love with her left field, raw creative thinking and her smart and inquisitive nature. After leaving 72, I’ve reached out to her for help on projects with amazing results. Give her a brief and be sure she will deliver something out of the box. Great knowledge wrapped up in a lovely personality. Given the opportunity, I’d work her a thousands times over again!

Helin Kotan, Group Creative Director, META 

There is so much to say about Nastassja. So many amazing and well-deserved praise. I will, however, try to make this as simple as possible. Right or wrong, many of us look for unicorns. (A phrase I hate, by the way.) We want someone who can wear many hats, do it all and be living, breathing Swiss-Army knives. Metaphors and country of origin aside, Nasty is that. There is almost nothing she can't do. It's hard to think of how best to recommend her because she can help in so many important ways. She has a fresh and empathetic take on culture. She has a clear, intelligent and strong view on strategy. She has a wonderfully pointed, poetic and clear writing voice. I can't imagine a brief or assignment that wouldn't be improved with her involved.

︎Adam Koppel, Group Creative Director, Anomaly

Nastassja has been essential to the best work we’ve made in recent years. I had the privilege of working side by side with her in shaping a fluid but deeply insightful approach to strategic and creative development that led to some of my favorite projects. Nastassja does the dialogue between idea and culture like no one else. Her sharp instincts, conceptual and strategic rigor, not to mention her relentless cool-radar, give the work incomparable depth and authenticity.

︎Emiliano Trierveiler, Creative Director, 72andSunny