Bonjour, I am Nastassja, a Cultural Strategist︎Creative Consultant specialized in empowering brands and institutions to become and stay︎relevant cultural voices.

While many seem to think︎cultural relevance is only
about chasing coolness and achieving it through
celebrities partnerships and trendy aesthetics
I tend to see things︎differently. 

To me, relevance comes from the unique role︎and perspectives a brand can embody within culture.
It's not just about the allure; it's about the bold attitude of brands stepping out of their︎comfort zone while staying︎authentic to who they are.

I believe relevance has to be continuously reimagined by amplifying the energy coming from︎overlooked corners, carving unexpected︎cultural pathways and forging authentic connections.

I offer sensitive insights,︎thought-provoking strategies, unconventional ideas and alternative︎partnership approaches to inspire brands to engage in vibrant playgrounds and have a︎profound influence on their fields, communities, and culture.

If you would like to know more my work, send me
an note at︎ or
click here︎to see a selection of case studies.